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Full Moon New Moon Rituals

Self-Care Moon Rituals

The word self-care always brings us back to the principle of the oxygen mask on the aeroplane. Without placing the mask on yourself you can’t help anyone around you. Yet very often self-care is forgotten in our daily lives. Creating a Ritual out of your self-care moments gives the possibility to form it into a …


Dancing in Rhythm with the Moon

Dancing is a great way to enhance your connection to the Moon and its radiating energy. We are not talking about a dance that has special steps you are supposed to follow.We are talking about the movement that awakens from your heart. The dance that follows your inner heartbeat and moves through a natural energetical …

Energy Update New Moon Rituals

New Moon in Pisces

Energy Update Set your intentions the upcoming New Moon on March 13 by dreaming…  What are your day dreams about? Observe your dreams. Release fear that might arise during your daydreams when setting your intention for this new moon. By releasing fear you automatically focus on healing, and allowing wellness. The law of attraction teaches us that …