Energy Update for Sunday the 15th of November

We sure are excited about the upcoming new Moon.
The New Moon in Scorpio, being a water sign, is a great time to reflect on what you need to deepen relationships. And how you can serve your own emotional needs.

Find out your true intention. Why are you connecting with someone? What is your intention with this connection. Dare to look at yourself and question your intentions. For when your intentions are pure your friendship or relationship will be pure.

Let us dive a little bit deeper with an example. When asking your partner a question, are you truly interested in what his/her answer will be, or do you have an outcome in your mind. When making friends or connecting with friends are you open to who they truly are, or do you wish a certain outcome of this friendship. Are you networking or making true friendships. This self reflection will create a completely different way of connecting, and will allow you to dive deep. 

Perhaps you have certain needs in your relationship that are not met. Often we end up in a circle where we expect a certain outcome from the other. Even though entering an open conversation, where you express your needs with the intention of connecting, can help you align with the other. This way you can find out which steps can be taken, to have your personal needs met. If this relationship is the right one for you. If you are prepared to meet half way. With this new moon it is a great time to find out and take time to openly talk about this.