Energy Update for the 13th of December

Normally this is the perfect time to plan that get-away during this new Moon. A great time for a new perspective to see how blessed our lives are.

Yet in the current situation it is not so easy to go and travel. However travelling does not have to be physical. Let yourself be taken away on a beautiful guided meditation. Set the intention of gratitude and welcoming a new perspective from the gratitude you feel.

Sagittarius enforces freedom. Make use of this energy by riding this beautiful free wave. A great way to experience that in your body is by truly focusing upon the movement your body makes as you inhale. Feeling space and gratitude as your body opens. Exhaling radiating that gratitude into the universe.

Raising your vibrations and bringing you in the high frequency of your inner creator. Start manifesting with passion and fire during this new cycle.

Try to be very clear as you set your intention. Remember the universe always listens. Let your inner fire burn away your doubts and follow your path.

Recognise the endless possibilities upon your path. 

Connect this affirmation to this New Moon:

I feel free to create the life I want, I do so with passion & gratitude.