Energy Update

Set your intentions the upcoming New Moon on March 13 by dreaming… 

What are your day dreams about?

Observe your dreams. Release fear that might arise during your daydreams when setting your intention for this new moon. By releasing fear you automatically focus on healing, and allowing wellness. The law of attraction teaches us that dreams can come true.

Practice listening to your intuition.
Seek help from a healer if you feel spiritually blocked. Or if you need a different perspective.


I trust my intuition which guides me into manifesting my dreams

For this New Moon we want to share with you a very special Ritual.

This ritual has been used by shamans for many centuries. The base of this recipe has its origin in South American Shamanism however it has been tweaked by us to serve the purpose of this new moon. Taking a spiritual bath will help you to consciously release and manifest your dreams.

Spiritual Bath Ritual

Use a bowl with 1,5 liter water, this can also be more if you like.
Create a sacred space and light a candle.


  • A couple table spoons of Florida Water 
  • Violet leafs (or your favourite Flower)
  • 3 drops of Essential Oil Patchouli, Frankincense or your favorite oil
  • Sea salt a table spoon
  • Fresh Sage leafs

Florida Water is added to spiritual baths to enhance spiritual cleansing and for Purification & Protection.
The Essential Oil adds a meditative aspect, connecting you to Source Energy. It helps you Spiritually Connect and Focus.
The Sea salt works as a Cleanser as well to bind the oils in the water.
Sage will Clear Blockages you might encounter
Violet increases intuition. When adding the flowers affirm that intuition will guide you into taking the right path towards manifesting your dreams and hearts desires on your path.

While you prepare your bath repeat your connected Affirmation.
You can create your own Affirmation or repeat ours:

I trust my intuition which guides me into manifesting my dreams.”


Once you have prepared your bath you can add it to a bath tub and immerse yourself in it. You can pour it over yourself in the shower.
Or simply scoop out some spiritual bath water and pass it along your crown, fore head and sliding it along your arms and legs, ending at your feet.

If you would like you can keep it refrigerated for 3 days in a glass bottle. 
Repeating the cleansing daily for those 3 days. 

Make sure you rinse the spiritual bath water thoroughly of your skin and that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are you can decide to visualise washing your self with the bath, making the gestures but not actually using the water.