Energy Update & Ritual for the New Moon in Leo

Raise your vibrations and bring yourself in the high frequency of your Inner Creator.
Start manifesting with passion and fire during this New Moon in Leo.

Leo season is the perfect time to be visible. If you have any ideas to bring out into the world let this sign be your catapult. 


Before setting your intention, increase your life force energy by activating your energy locks.
You will start to feel a heat in your body, creating energy and focus.

Sit in your meditation pose, with your back aligned.
Upon your inhale, hold your breath and activate your pelvic floor muscles together with your core muscles.
Hold for a few seconds as you visualise your inner fire burning.
Then relax as you exhale. Letting go into the earth.
At the end of your exhalation repeat your core activation together with your pelvic floor muscles.
Take a moment in the activation and visualisation of your inner fire.
Again release upon your inhale and relax into it.

Repeat this cycle of breath till you feel ready to sit in Meditation with the Activation of Fire.
And you are ready to set your intention.

This exercise is also great when you are feeling insecure. It helps to increase your sense of confidence.
Preparing you to stand in the light.

Set your Intention

Try to be very clear as you set your intention. Remember the universe always listens.
Let your inner fire burn away your doubts and follow your path.


I feel free to create the life I want, and do so with passion and gratitude.