Energy Update & New Moon Ritual

In this blog we will share an Energy Update & Planning Ritual for the New Moon in Capricorn. As well as an Affirmation and two excercices for you to connect with nature and to help you feel grouded.

Energy Update for the New Moon in Capricorn on January 13

The perfect time to work out your new year’s intentions. 
Take time for your planning ritual. Create small steps towards reaching your goals.

Even though you might create small steps. Dare to manifest big during this New Moon.
Capricorn is a very ambitious sign and its organizational talents can help you pivot towards your bigger goals. 
One of our favorite planning rituals is creating a mind map of your goals.

Being a sing in the element earth make sure to use your connection to nature before planning.

Connect with Nature

There are many ways to connect with Nature.
Like going outside for a walk, and if this not possible for you at the moment, you could open a window and inhale the fresh air. Take a walk inside your home or office space, walking consciously while breathing and connecting with your own True Nature. As we are (part of) Nature, connecting with Yourself means connecting with Nature.

Grounding Ritual
1 Minute Walking Meditation


I am grounded and achieve my goals step by step.

New Moon Planning Ritual

One of our favorite planning rituals is creating a mind map of your goals. 

Step 1.
Create your Sacred Space

Create a sacred work space before you start writing.
Light a candle, open your window to let in fresh energy,
clean up your work area and use the Power of Visualisation;
visualizing clean energy flowing into your sacred work space.

Step 2.
Write down your Goal

Once you are ready, start by writing down your goal.
Then surround it with all the steps you think you need to achieve thisgoal. Then take some time to work out each step into detail. 

View our example here..