Energy Update

Begin this new cycle on Monday the 12th of April, by setting your intention connected to the New Moon in Aries.

Ignite your Inner Fire & come into Action

Aries invites us to ignite our inner fire and to passionately come into action.

Remember that during new moon we only set the intention and connecting the steps towards reaching your intention happens during the first quarter moon.

Ask yourself, What & Who gives you Energy, as you connect to what brings Passion in your life.

Stay Connected to your heart

As an impulsive sign, be mindful to stay connected to your heart when setting your intentions.


I ignite my inner fire and create a life full of passion

Radiance Beauty Ritual

Before setting your Intentions and writing them down,
increase Life Force Energy by practicing
the Breath of Fire.

The Breath of Fire improves blood circulation and digestion.
It gives you energy and clears the mind of any thoughts that are weighing you down.
You can view it as a cleansing of the mind and body.
The ultimate detox during this Spring Season preferably practiced in the morning.

I’ts also known as the Skull Shining Practice
for this practice will make you radiate energy,
igniting the fire within and around you.

On Sunday the 11th we will be practicing and demonstrating this Ritual together and start this beautiful cycle in the element Fire.

You can still join us and watch the replay at a later moment!

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