Energy Update & New Moon Ritual

In this blog we would like to emphasise the importance of embracing your natural expansion, your authentic power.
We will be sharing our Energy Update for the New Moon in Aquarius as well as beautiful Selfcare Ritual for to help you create freedom from within.

Embrace your inner light and let it radiate into the universe.

We are entering the new moon on Thursday the 11th of February.

Setting your intentions for this next cycle while embracing your potential is the key for this new moon.
Aquarius is seen as an eccentric sign, caring for the planet and living beings. As well as a revolutionary thinker.

When looking at your intentions, see how you can emphasise standing in your authentic power. Following your path yet connected to others.
That is the beauty of our inner expansion, it automatically connects.

Your authentic power is aligned to pure intentions. You can question your why for doing something, or even your why within an intention. This will help you to live in connection with what you truly want, as well as with your heart.

New Moon Ritual

As a Self Care Ritual and before writing down your intentions for this cycle, take a moment to connect to your heart.

Close your eyes and follow your breath. Notice that when you inhale you automatically create space around your heart.
Just repeat this a couple of times.
When you realise that you start noticing the energy in your heart region.
This can be a feeling of warmth or perhaps a color.

Continue to go a layer deeper.
Bring your hands to your heart in a prayer position. Upon your inhalation extend your arms and open your heart.
Radiating your inner freedom and connecting with the world. Exhaling, bringing yourself back to your heart center.

After repeating this a few times take a moment in silence. Remember this can just be a few seconds. Then start writing down your intention. Dive deeper and explore your why this month. 

Why are you connected with certain people in your life?
What is your true intention?
Explore honesty towards this intention.

Can you repeat these questions in all areas of your life?
Allowing you to create freedom from within as well as radiate your authentic power.


I radiate and express my intentions from a place of Authentic Power