Connect to your inner wisdom

Lunar Living Collective

A monthly program where we:
Re-connect women to the Rhythm of Natural living & Embody nature’s cycles. Embrace your feminine side as we follow the Moon phases through a personal practice which has the opportunity of becoming a lifestyle. Connecting ancient Yogic philosophy, the wisdom found within fasting, movement and Shamanic Rituals and Rituals / Practices to connect with your inner goddess.

Lunar Living Collective entails:
A reconnection to the Female Rhythm of Natural living

  • New Moon Meditation and Visualisation
  • Full Moon Practice and Ritual
  • A weekly inspirational telegram – Lunar Living Collective Telegram group
  • The private Moon Wisdom Tribe podcast packed with storytelling, ancestral wisdom and female experiences.
  • Connecting through a monthly Q&A

Each month there is a 15 min moment of Q&A. to support you on how to practice this rhythm of life. Submission of questions beforehand, connecting through a live 15min zoom.

The Lunar Living Collective will open the doors on the 8th of December 2022!
Mail us at if you would like to join us
or receive more information!