Energy Update

This Super Full moon in Scorpio on the 27th of April, is an invitation to truly Celebrate our Inner Passion. 

Connecting to the divine feminine energy in your body as well as the manifestation of this energy around you.

If we look to nature now, we can truly feel its fertile abundance.

Connect to this and be open to receive, connect this to your intention which you have set during the last new moon.
Listen to your intuition as to what you can let go of, to truly surrender to this Magical Present Moment.


I embrace and thankfully receive abundance in my life

Being in the element water this Super Moon welcomes the ever flowing current,
which is always present within you.

Express its creativity with the ritual of dance.
See our SUPER MOON RITUAL below.

Ever Flowing Current Ritual

What you need?

-Bare feet
-An open heart
-Your favorite playlist
-A glass of water 

First start by drinking three sips of water to connect to the purifying quality of the element water.

Stand firmly into the earth and focus on your breath.
Turn inwards by closing your eyes. Observe the natural movement of your body as you inhale and exhale.

Listen to your inner current, the energy flowing in your body, as you start to move intuitively.
Visualise each movement to be the manifestation and expression of your creativity.
Perhaps you feel the need to move slow and more inwards.
Perhaps you come into the full physical expression of all that you need and feel.

Listen to your inner current…

All is what is, and embrace what you need.

Once you come back to stillness, make sure to write down any insights in your sacred journal.

This ritual can take as long as you want.
Being one song or a full playlist. 


Want to join us live and practice this ritual with us?

Join our Lunar Collective Facebook Group
on Tuesday the 27th
at 8 am CET.