Energy Update & Full Moon Ritual

In this blog we will share an Energy Update for the Full Moon in Leo. As well as an Affirmation and Full Moon Fire Ritual.

Energy Update for the Full Moon in Leo on January 28

During the full moon it is the perfect moment to celebrate all your wins since the last new moon.

When you reflect back, what gives you an enthusiastic impulse?
What and who made you laugh, sparking joy and passion for life?

As a Ritual take a moment to shed and transform what did not serve you.
We love practicing our Fire Ritual. View below for more information.


I embrace my Inner Fire.
I shed which does not serve me, and rise like a phoenix embracing my complete Self.


Full Moon Fire Ritual

Write a list on paper of what you would like to leave behind, before we move towards the new moon.

Then burn this list in fire, and watch as it transforms into ashes. Use the metaphor of a phoenix. For it is from the ashes a phoenix rises. By knowing what we don’t want we can focus and clarify what we do want.

Then write a list of what you are grateful for. Keep this in a sacred space. 
Whenever you need a gentle reminder, or pick me up from a lower frequency,
grab this list and read it out loud.