When the Moon moves through Gemini, it is possible to feel a bit more scattered during this time. This Full Moon on the 30th of November, coincides with a Lunar Eclipse, meaning the Sun is opposite the Moon. The Sun highlights that, which might not be working for you. The Lunar Eclipse brings change and can give an uncertain feeling within your relationships as well as with finances.

The advantage of the Gemini Moon’s mutable atmosphere is that it can help create freedom for you to change your mind.
Or see another side of an issue you’ve been stuck on. As the sign of communication it can also help you to speak the truth. Choose to communicate out of your heart. When in communication be open to learning and new possibilities, this will relieve tension.

With flexibility and adaptability, this lunar eclipse November 2020 also brings exciting opportunities. Using your intuition to take advantage of changing conditions can improve your love life and finances.

This is good time for creativity, journaling and open conversation.
Also for, business activity, especially involving the internet, entertainment, art, and music.