Energy Update & Full Moon Ritual

Energy Update for the the 30th of December

Being the last Full Moon of the year it is a great time to reflect on what has been. Celebrating your wins and releasing what you would not like to bring into the new year. This Full Moon brings to light all the new possibilities that lie a head on your path. It also invites us to contemplate what drives us upon our path. See if you can truly connect with what lies within.
Explore the depths of what truly makes you happy and fulfilled as you get ready to end this year and plan 2021 with endless opportunities.



Through thankfullness I embrace my life lesson’s and manifest a happy and fulfilled 2021.


The New Year’s dive is a very popular ritual here in the Netherlands.
People celebrate the new year by letting all that they don’t want to take with them from the previous year in the water.

Water in turn purify’s and cleanses the negative.
Coming out fully energised, refreshed and connected to the abundance mindset.

If you don’t fancy going into the sea, there are other ways to connect the element water to your end of year ritual. 
Throw stones or shells into the sea, connecting what you don’t want to take with you metaphorically to the stone
and physically throwing it into the water. 

Wash your hands in the sea, river or your body in the bath and repeating what you are cleansing out loud.
Let the water run down your head while saying what you are releasing. This is also a good practice at the end of the day,
to cleanse Yourself from energy you unconsciously held unto. 

Visit the seaside or connect to the sea within and chant:
Yemaya Assessu – Assessu Yemaya

Connect to the Goddess of the sea. Release, cleanse and purify with this Mantra. As well as connect to what you would like to manifest for 2021.

This mantra stands for that moment the sea and the river meet. A moment of enlightenment.
From the sea all is born. Just like endless possibilities, wishes & dreams.