Connect to your inner wisdom

Lunar Yoga & Meditation

Embody nature’s cycles through meditation, movement and relaxation

Twice a month we host a special online Lunar Yoga & Meditation to celebrate the beautiful energy of the New Moon and Full Moon.

During these online or live gatherings, we give you the tools to live a more Conscious, Relaxed, Connected & Happy Life.
Experience the effects of these tools personally by learning how to live in rhythm with the phases of the moon as taught within the Yogic Lifestyle. Embody Lunar and the art of Manifestation.

Come Relax with us, connect to your soul’s wishes and surrender to the present moment.

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Upcoming dates for 2022/2023 are:

New MoonFriday, December 23
Full MoonFriday, January 6

New MoonSaturday, January 21
Full MoonSunday, February 5

New MoonMonday, February 20
Full MoonThursday, March 8

Register today via a simple email to
Classes are hosted in the Temple of Amoreira, Portugal.
If you are not able to join in live we livestream each event via our Moon Wisdom Zoom Sacred Space.

It is possible to join in on these gatherings as a part of our monthly program the Lunar Living Collective.