Dancing is a great way to enhance your connection to the Moon and its radiating energy.

We are not talking about a dance that has special steps you are supposed to follow.
We are talking about the movement that awakens from your heart. The dance that follows your inner heartbeat and moves through a natural energetical current which you find when connected.

How to dance in rhythm with the moon?
This connection happens when understanding the energetical qualities the Moon offers in each phase.

Set your intention or goal for this cycle. This also can be your commitment to dance with each phase. Or your commitment to your intention or goal.
Use a playlist that invites this energetic quality.
Let each movement be the expression of your intention. In movement, you already are living this intention or have achieved your goal. Let the feelings that arise be connected to the movements that you make. This way creating the Cycle you want to experience.

Ground yourself to take action towards your goal or intention.
Use a playlist that has grounding qualities.
This of earth sounds, drum beats, anything that makes you want to connect to the earth.
When moving, connect with the earthy beats, come into action. From the Roots, you Rise.

Count your blessings. In gratitude you receive.
When we connect to the quality of gratitude, we automatically come into a space of love and happiness.
Use a playlist that inspires pure joy in your heart.
Celebrate your wins in this cycle. Let your movement be the expression of this celebration.

Forgive what needs forgiving. Release what does not serve you.
The act of bowing to the earth creates a humble and compassionate quality.
Dissolving negativity in a situation and creating space to forgive.
Use a playlist that invites you to humbly bow and release.
This can be in the form of Pranams or any other creative expression of touching the earth.

Mother Earth always transforms the energy which you let go into what earth needs.

Dance with us during our
Rhythm & Flow, Trance Dance
offered on the 25th of June 2021.

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